Increase Your Sales 

(Even If You Don’t Know What to Say 

and You’re Afraid of Sounding Like a Used Car Salesperson)



with Science & Soul



with Peri Shawn 

award-winning sales author 

Do you want to grow your business

yet no matter how much you try, 

you're not getting the results you want? ​


If you've been trying to grow your business and your sales aren't where you'd like them to be, it can be really frustrating when you know there are people out there who need your help


It's not that you haven't tried to learn how to sell. After all, you most likely have tried to take "the advice" of sales gurus but found it feels too slimy and self-serving for you. 


You're probably tired of trying to use outdated sales techniques and activities that feel manipulative.  Maybe you've even considered throwing in the towel or letting go of your dream.  


Yet what keeps you going is you know you're good at what you do, and you know you could help a lot of people. 


Or perhaps you're thinking, "I'm so overwhelmed.  If I could only figure out a way to find and get more clients that doesn't feel like I'm selling my soul!" 


The most frustrating part is you've been trying for a long time and you just can't figure out how to increase your sales in a way that feels congruent with who you are.  




You're stuck in the same spot: 


Wanting to grow your business, help more people, make more money, and create the lifestyle you love. 


Sometimes you wonder if you have it in you to get your business to the level that you appreciate.  


Other times you go to your default thinking... you start thinking of doing what you always do - plan for what courses you're going to take next to develop your professional skills.  

​Perhaps a more advanced coaching course? Or a high ticket course on how to consult?  Or a business development course with a high pressure sales approach? Why not?  It's what you've always done.  


It's not how real, sustainable business growth works.  


The hard facts:  What you've been doing isn't getting you the business growth, clients or income you would love.  


To change your results, you need to change your approach. 


The truth is:  What you've been doing up until now isn't working for you.  Good news... the solution is the same. 


Sell using cutting-edge neuroscience so what you do matches how your clients truly buy. 


The neuroscience of selling ensures you get more of your ideal clients in less time and with less effort.  


Using brain-based results-proven sales strategies gives you exponential business growth... without being pushy.  


When you use brain-based sales approach, you know exactly: 

       How to navigate your sales conversations with confidence and ease

       What to say to tap into your clients' buying brains 

How to finish your sales conversations so clients buy now


       What sales activities to engage in that are authentic to you and get you more clients in less time


... then you get more clients in an easier repeatable way, and you'll get more qualified referrals who buy from you so you have a ongoing flow of clients. 


Imagine this: your services are in high demand and you have a constant flow of clients...without the frustration of time-consuming or failed lead generation activities.  



What might that look like?  Let's peek into your future... 

         You have a consistent flow of clients (who buy from you at your price)


     ✓    You close every sales conversation (... without feeling pushy)


        You get more qualified referrals (so you have more clients with less effort) 


         You have an ongoing base of revenue (that you can rely on each month) 


        You engage in sales activities that excite you (that get you great results) 


         You have a profitable sales strategy (for more clients without working more)


         You use results-proven sales processes and strategies (that work)


         You have serious business growth (without using manipulative tactics) 


Not only is this possible but I created a program to help you do all this (and a lot more)! 


What would THAT do for your business...and your soul?





PROFITABLE Academy is the most comprehensive sales program based in both science and results... without pushy tactics.  

PROFITABLE Academy is the only business growth program that helps you determine exactly what to do, ask and say to sell more, sooner and more often (that is brain-based and results-proven) so you get more less time with less effort. 

Hi there! 


I’m Peri Shawn, an award-winning sales author and expert, CEO of the Coaching and Sales Institute, and the host of Selling with Science and Soul™.  I’ve helped business leaders make millions of dollars growing their businesses using brain-based results-proven sales strategies… without pushy tactics. 


Learning and applying the science of buying to your sales is THE single most powerful way to create exponential business growth.  


It’s helped me and my clients generate millions of dollars and create the businesses and lifestyles we love.


Yet when I speak with other entrepreneurs, I often hear them saying things like: 

     “The sales tactics I learned make me want to die inside.” 

     “I don’t like selling.  My confidence goes down.  But I have to do it if I want clients.” 


     “I know I can change people’s lives.  I just don’t know how to get others to see it.” 


     “I’ve reached out to everyone in my network and none of them want to buy.”

     “I really want to grow my business but I don’t know where to start.” 


     “Price objections scare me.  I don’t know what to say when it comes to price.”


     “I know referrals would be a great thing but I don’t know what to do to get them.”


     “I don’t know what to do to get more clients."

"If you want to learn more about how to be effective in sales, take advantage of what Peri has to offer."

Jack Canfield

Co-author of The Success Principles

and Chicken Soup for the Soul

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from tons of research studies, AND, tested that research in 1000s of real sales conversations and put it all together in one place.  


You get the benefit of my 20 years of testing, tweaking and polishing.  


You’ll discover the simple sales structure of what to ask and say to make your sales conversations more meaningful, productive and profitable, based on neuroscience and relationship dynamics. AND... you get the sales strategies and activities that will give you the best results.  


Your new sales approach won’t feel manipulative or pushy.  You won’t feel like you are sliming people.  You’ll actually have fun selling your services and growing your business.  


I am committed to helping you sell more, better, sooner and more often… without manipulating or being pushy.


Learning how to grow your business using the science of buying takes effort.  


First, it’s about learning how to use the science in a sales conversation.  


Then, you develop your brain-based sales strategy and sales model.  


Follow this with engaging in the sales activities that will grow your business – all the while planning, engaging and debriefing what you have done so you continually get better. 


I’ve designed PROFITABLE Academy to be more than “just a course.”  It’s a mastermind, group coaching, community, online program, one-to-one feedback, practice ground, and more… Oh, and did I share that everything is results-proven.  It’s worked for me and my clients for more than 20 years. 


This is tried-and-true content that is tested and based in science. 


​It's NOT content that someone put together on a weekend and then called themselves a sales expert.


Which will you choose?

"If you would love to increase your sales, learn from Peri. She is both inspiring and informative."

Dr. John Demartini

Bestselling author of The Breakthrough Experience


is NOT just a course. 


It’s a program, mastermind, group coaching, community, one-to-one feedback and practice ground.  


Yes, you’ll learn science-based results-proven sales strategies and develop your sales skills to grow your business.  


You’ll also get feedback and practice, so you continue to get better and better at selling.  We’ll work together to help you grow to the next level in your business. 


Bottom line? 

You find and get more clients with less effort so you can sell more, sooner, better and more often. 



Here’s how PROFITABLE Academy is different from other courses and programs: 


     It’s not a course, a membership or a cookie cutter program. It’s a 12-month program where you learn how to sell and grow your business using the science of selling. Your business is different so your sales strategy should be different. What you do to grow your business should be different from someone else’s because you are different.  

     We personalize your learning. You don’t have to go through all the modules – just the ones that are relevant to your business. Instead, once you learn how to navigate your sales conversations using the science of buying, we work together with you to ensure you have a sales strategy and model that is a match for you and your business. 

     You get ongoing coaching, practice and feedback to help you continually improve so you can sell more. So, if you have questions or need help, bring it to one of the weekly sessions and get the help you need. 

     You have access to a brain-based results-proven knowledge base that has helped literally sell millions of dollars a day.  You’ll know why what you are doing works and how to continue to get great results. 

"The 60% increase I had specifically was over the prior quarter, within a single month."

Kai Barlette

In PROFITABLE Academy, you’ll learn how to…


   Find and get more of your ideal clients (so your revenues grow with less effort)


 Consistently ask great sales questions (to help your ideal clients buy more often from you)


  Share just the right type and amount of information (so your ideal clients see you as the solution to their problems)


  End your sales conversations using the science of buying (so you get more business)


   Respond more profitably to price objections (so you know what to say, and get the sale)


 Create a profitable sales model (that gets results and is unique to you) 

  Develop your sales strategies (so you get more clients sooner and with less effort)


  Generate a reoccurring base of revenue (so you have predictable cash flow monthly)


  Engage in sales activities that are a match for you (so you continually grow your business) 


  Use sales tools to save you and your clients time (so you have a repeatable profitable sales process) 


   Diversify your client base (so your business does well in any economy) 


  Manage your mindset (so you don’t sabotage your sales efforts) 


You get to join the very interactive and intimate

live ongoing group coaching sessions.


Over the 12-month program, you'll share your work, get coached on your sales strategy and activities, and receive valuable feedback to help you generate greater revenue. 

During the program, you'll also get:


to help you get clients sooner and more often


to help you get unstuck, move to the next level and stay focused on growing your business


to help you stay focused and know what to do to get the best results


to save you time so you get results sooner


to get your questions answered by Peri and her team - with insight from others


to get you in front of your ideal clients who will reach out and buy from you


to practice your sales conversations and activities with a program participant 


to keep you continually improving and growing your business 

"I used to have a 10% conversion rate. Now I have an 80% conversion rate."

Carly Pepin


The program covers the following (and more):


PROFITABLE Sales Conversations


You'll learn the neuroscience of buying, exactly what to say to get more business, and how to sell in your conversations...without sounding salesy



You'll discover how to use my 7-figure referral strategy, the research behind why referrals work and how to get more qualified referrals




You'll learn how to find the ideal events, get booked to speak and generate leads through speaking engagements virtually and in-person




You'll discover how to write a book in 5 days that positions you as the expert, gets you featured all over & has your ideal clients waiting to work with you



You'll learn how to avoid common networking mistakes, locate the most profitable networking places and turbo charge your networking results



You'll discover how to leverage your values in your business, overcome your limiting beliefs and develop your sales presence so you get more clients



You'll learn my 6-figure product strategy, how to create and design your product for your ideal audience, & maximize profit from each of your products



You'll discover how to use a brain-based strategy to increase profitability and recession-proof your business



You'll learn how to choose the best platforms, create quality content people are obsessed with in record time & how to leverage posts for lead generation 



You'll discover how to sell more, better, sooner and more often, how to keep clients coming back, and how to respond to objections without being pushy



You'll learn how to avoid information overload, land your first clients in a new market and set up your business for maximum profitability


PROFITABLE Business Strategy in Any Economy​


You’ll discover the keys to stabilizing your business to navigate both highs and lows

"In the last few months, my income revenues have doubled."

Liz Garcia

"My conversion rate has gone up by 40%."

Manmeet Chowdhry


Let’s Recap…Shall We?


Here’s everything you get in PROFITABLE Academy 12-month program:

     Ongoing Live Group Coaching Calls – to help you get feedback and help you stay focused on the highest priorities for your business growth

     ​Ongoing Live Practice Calls – to prepare you for your sales conversations


     ​Ongoing Live “Get More Clients” Feedback Calls – to get you more business with true buyers of your services/products


     ​Quarterly Group Call – to provide you with additional guidance on a topic relevant to the growth of your business


     ​Easy-to-Use Sales Tools – to make your sales conversations and activities more effective and efficient so you can focus on what is most important to you


     ​Ongoing Accountability Check-Ins – to help you stay focused on the sales activities that will help keep your business growing


     ​Private Facebook Forum – to give you the opportunity to ask questions, share ideas and get valuable feedback


     ​24/7 Access to Results-Proven Sales and Business Development Training – to provide you with the “how” of getting more clients sooner and more often


     ​Downloadable Templates, Roadmaps, Checklists and Swipe Files – to save you time so you get results sooner


     ​Practice Partner for the PROFITABLE Sales Conversations modules – to practice your sales conversations with a program participant


     ​24/7 Access to World-Class Mindset Training – to get you unstuck when you get stuck and to help move you to the next level, so you grow your business


     ​Powerful Resources – to get exposed to your ideal clients so they buy from you, to get yourself booked to speak in front of your ideal clients (global resources), to get you in the right places to meet potential clients, to get you the right tools to increase your exposure to your ideal clients


Our corporate clients pay 10s of 1,000s of dollars for access to just parts of this content and its support (and they don't ever have access to it all)

PROFITABLE with Science & Soul is not just a program.  It is a tested results-proven process (based in science and real human dynamics) that provides lasting results. 


Ready to leverage neuroscience to

grow your business and increase your revenues? 


Enroll in PROFITABLE Academy today! 


$1,000/month for 12 months


100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

"My revenues grew by 40%"

Jonathan Sugai

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I still have a question….

Ready to leverage neuroscience to

grow your business and increase your revenues?

Enroll in PROFITABLE Academy today! 


$1,000/month for 12 months


While we provide the highest level of service in the scope of the agreement, as with any program we offer, The Coaching and Sales Institute Corporation is unable to make promises or guarantees with respect to any outcome from participation in the PROFITABLE Academy and therefore we cannot and do not guarantee success or any specific level of income or results associated with the services provided.  You understand that ultimately you are responsible for your own success in business and that this program is designated to enhance, supplement, and support your and your business in your efforts to grow. 

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